Houston in the Races

After a year of touring and collaborating with musicians around the U.S., researching studios to fit the mixing and mastering; CatsMelvin’s frontman Michael Amend releases “Houston”.  A year ago these tracks were nothing more than demos and with the help of Another Recording Company(Lincoln, NE) and The Blasting Room(Ft. Collins, CO) they have been polished for radio.  A bonus track “Black Cat”  has been added to the original 6 songs produced by James Orr featuring Melanie Radford(Marshall Poole).  “Black Cat” and “My World is a Cultural Violence” is available for immediate download with digital purchase of the album on Bandcamp.

“Houston” released on July 23, 2013 for college radio by Tinderbox Music and the band is set to tour in the Northwest in October 2013.