Who is Rolling Thunder?

Being involved in the music industry whether it’s as a musician or a supportive role behind the scenes there are always stories to share. Often times the most exciting part is the journey. We have decided to share the stories of the development of our newest band Rider & Rolling Thunder right from the beginning by starting a podcast.

The band was formed in 2019 with intention to record and release music with our indie label Defendu Records. After a handful of a variety of shows for Rolling Thunder to solidify their songs we flew them out to Portside Studios in Sheffield, AL set to record 9 songs. These songs will be released as singles throughout the year in conjunction with episodes of their podcast hosted by Rider Soran and Jake Freeman. The podcast will be made available on all major channels including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Google Podcasts and Spotify under the podcast titled “Boogie Hoss”.

There is more to a band than what you see on stage or hear in a track. This is an insight of the minds of musicians and what they have to say about gear, music history, traveling, food and their encounters with others.

For existing fans of Defendu here is an exclusive listen to the first episode of Boogie Hoss hosted by Rider Soran and Jake Freeman.

Podcast Link

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