Rider Soran singing the Alabama beat

This week Rider Soran and his newest band Rider & Rolling Thunder head to Sheffield, Alabama to record new songs released with Defendu Records. Members of the band include Rider and Jake Freeman both from Boise, ID. Also joining us for this session include Wade Ronsee(drums) and Jacob Frederickson(bass). Follow us on instagram @Dfendu for … Continue reading Rider Soran singing the Alabama beat

The Misconception

The highly anticipated first album for Marshall Poole fans is finally here.  The Misconception will be released on November 26, 2013 at the Neurolux(Boise, ID) with $5 cover starting at 8pm with Dedicated Servers.  Digital presales are available for $4 on the Marshall Poole Bandcamp. Check out a sample of the album with "Crosstops"

Bryan Taylor

The album Bryan Taylor by Dedicated Servers will officially be released on 11/26/13 at the Neurolux.  Sharing the stage and an album release as well they join with Marshall Poole to celebrate the night of new music and collaboration.  Presales are available on Dedicated Servers Bandcamp for $10 digital download. Preview Bryan Taylor with "For … Continue reading Bryan Taylor

Houston in the Races

After a year of touring and collaborating with musicians around the U.S., researching studios to fit the mixing and mastering; CatsMelvin's frontman Michael Amend releases "Houston".  A year ago these tracks were nothing more than demos and with the help of Another Recording Company(Lincoln, NE) and The Blasting Room(Ft. Collins, CO) they have been polished … Continue reading Houston in the Races