Night Fighter

Night Fighter
If there’s one thing science fiction has taught us, it’s that the future is going to be both dark and entrancing. Some of it will be moments of wonder that we can only dream of today. Night Fighter is the soundtrack to that future providing a preface that allows our imagination to take us where we have never been before.

Sit back listen and imagine…’s 2080.


Treefort 2017- Best Artist-Venue Synergy: Nightwave

“And then there’s Nightwave, who I came across after being lured into Spacebar, a retro beercade about half the size of Ground Kontrol. As scenes from the 1986 sci-fi adventure flick Flight of the Navigator projected onto a screen above him, he conjured up the kind of stomach-knotting, sweaty-palmed dread that matches perfectly with the pressure of trying to break your own Galaga high-score.”