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Night Fighter


Night Fighter
If there’s one thing science fiction has taught us, it’s that the future is going to be both dark and entrancing. Some of it will be moments of wonder that we can only dream of today. Night Fighter is the soundtrack to that future providing a preface that allows our imagination to take us where we have never been before.

Sit back listen and imagine…’s 2080.


Treefort 2017- Best Artist-Venue Synergy: Nightwave

“And then there’s Nightwave, who I came across after being lured into Spacebar, a retro beercade about half the size of Ground Kontrol. As scenes from the 1986 sci-fi adventure flick Flight of the Navigator projected onto a screen above him, he conjured up the kind of stomach-knotting, sweaty-palmed dread that matches perfectly with the pressure of trying to break your own Galaga high-score.”


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Marshall Poole

“Marshall Poole isn’t a person; it’s a four-piece rock ’n’ roll outfit that originated out of the Boise suburbs at a New Year’s party in 2011. While the band is most certainly from Idaho, much of the music of their late-2015 release Totems is full of grizzly psychedelic Southern rock licks. It’s music that speaks to your soul while also slapping you in the face.”
— The Inlander

The members of Marshall Poole have been playing their quirky and contemplative rock n’ roll since their first show on New Year’s Eve, 2011. The three original members (Rider, Michael and Melanie) grew up together and began practicing inside a pool house in small-town Caldwell, ID. After graduating high school and moving to Boise, they began to develop their core roots in heavy rock n’ roll, finally finding their love of weaving multiple genres together when they added their newest member, Seth Graham. Since the release of their first full-length album ‘Totems’ (Defendu Records), Marshall Poole have been critically acclaimed for their high energy and heavy content.

 “When all modern music seems to be lackluster and Mumfording, this record is a massive right hook poised to knock them square on their ass. With just days left in the year, almost as if on purpose, Totems parks squarely on my top ten and I don’t doubt it will yours as well.”
— Nanobot Rock Reviews

Currently, the members of MP are working on their upcoming album ‘Pasadena’ and are planning to tour through the Northwest, Midwest and South this summer.

They have shared the stage with many popular acts including Ty Segall, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Shivas, Screaming Females, The Thermals, Tango Alpha Tango, and more.


RedGorilla Music Festival – 2014 (Austin, TX)
KYRS Marmot Music Festival – 2014 (Spokane, WA)
Treefort Music Festival – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (Boise, ID)
Camp Daze – 2016 (Missoula, MT)
Volume: Inlander Music Festival – 2016 (Spokane, WA)
UMS – 2016 (Denver, CO)


“Alpha Omega” Official Music Video

“Diamond Crusher” Live at The Make-Out Room – San Francisco, CA




Hollister – ‘Men’s SoCal Spring Fashion’ promo – 2015
Burton Snowboards – ‘US Snowboarding Championship’ promo – 2016
VANS BMX – ‘Illustrated: A Vans BMX Video’ trailer and movie – 2016